Essential Master Of Kung Fu
Hi I love your Master Of Kung Fu blog. Do you know any updates if Marvel will ever reprint the whole series by working out deal with Rohmer estate?

While I hope it’ll happen I haven’t heard anything solid about getting the rights to reprint yet.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for creating an amazing MOKF blog!! Your "Master" reading order list has inspired me to re-collect the entire series and to re-read it accordingly, and I couldn't enjoy it more. Master of Kung Fu was one of my favorite Marvel books as a kid, and now, all of these years later, it IS my favorite of that era. I really hope you do continue to cover issues beyond the original series, as I'd like to get your take on key stories like "Bleeding Black" and "Hellfire Apocalypse". Thanks again!

Please, if you do re-collect/re-read I would love to hear if you notice any mistakes in my reading order. 
And I am thinking of doing a writie up about Leiko Wu, which would touch on the mistreatment of such a wonderful character since the original MOKF was canceled. This would touch on some of the more modern comics you mention. 

Who cares about Waldo, where’s Shang Chi?

Just recently got into Shang-Chi and I am really loving your blog. You may already know this, but the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco is currently having a Mike Zeck exhibit through August. It's mostly his Punisher and Secret Wars stuff, but there are one or two incredible Master of Kung-Fu pieces.

thanks for bringing this up!
here’s a link to the event -

also, Mr. Zeck is on facebook if ya wanna befriend the man -

Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu #1 out 05/14/14

There’s a new Shang Chi mini series coming out, so I thought since this blog keeps getting new followers on a pretty regular basis I should at lest throw something new up.
the series is

I don’t like spoilers so while I do plan on buying this series I have tried to avoid reading the press about it. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t read some of the press for it - here’s a link party!

How many issues does this run? I dunno, when I read a little bit of one of the stories I got the intro of the story spoiled for me, so I stopped reading.

I had been buying the current run of Avengers issues written by Hickman, but I stopped when the Infinity story line started.
Shang Chi really doesn’t fit in the book.
The current Avengers is super cosmic, with earth shattering “wide screen” type story lines, and Shang really fits better in smaller, more human (or even spy/espionage) types stories.
That being said #11 was a good one - a change of pace for the series & worth the read. While events tie into the on going story, the main guts of this issue is a done-in-one tale.

Some Shang Chi covers 1988 - 2013

Due to the continuing support for this site I thought I’d at least post some of the covers of comics that Shang Chi has appeared in since his series was canceled.

He returned in 1988 -

From 1990 -

1992 -

1993 -

1994 -

Things started getting a little crappy round 1997 -

'Mo 97 -

1998 -

1998 -


2002 -

2003 -

2006 -

2007 -

2007 -

2009 -

2009 -

2010 -

2011 -

2011 -

2011 -

And very recently, from 2013 -

This is obviously NOT a complete list, it’s just a taste.

Wow. I discovered your website by accident. What an amazing piece of work. The detail, the comments, the scans, just excellent. I loved all these issues and have filed them away for decades. I want to reread all of them in order. Now you have inspired me to do so. Yes, Moench/Gulacy issues are my favorite, with Mike Zeck and Gene/Dan Day issues my second and third favorite.

thanks - people should keep talking about these comics - we get loud enough and marvel has to reprint ‘em!

just wanted to add love the art on the van yes I have been a fan since the early 80's

once again thanks!

I am actually reading this marvelous comic-books for the first time and found your tumblr, wich is great, congratulations! And thank you for it. Cheers! (sorry for my english, I am from Spain). Alberto.


What happened to Dr. Petrie in the Master of Kung Fun series?

Thanks for the question!
Dr Petrie was initially killed in Shang Chis 1st appearance in Special Marvel Edition #15 but marvel found out later on that was against Sax Rohmers cannon (and Rohmers wife complained) Petrie was brought back in Giant-Size Master Of Kung Fu #3. Later on Petrie was found to be brainwashed and attempts to kill Sir Dennis in Master of Kung Fu #43 and after being deconditioned Petrie pops here and there in eternal recovery mode. I know we see Petrie talking to Sir Dennis in their study around issue #118, but I can’t recall the the exact issue was his last.
But yeah, he was pretty much under used from issue 50 on.